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9th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Email: info@sbg-ny.com
Phone: 646.564.2577

Sequential Brands Group | FUL
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what FULs you?

Inspired by the transient lifestyle of the music industry, FUL was created for the greater understanding of the working warrior in us all. Regardless of the industry, the common thread is the individual vocation and in turn, its inherent calling. Ful strives to create a product that can match the energy and commitment of your daily life. An essential component for your constantly moving days, a carryall so that maybe you can be burdened less. A place where you contain all of your fundamentals, FUL is committed to providing our customers with the most dependable bags out there. FUL Bags are a platform and foundation, arousing the question: what FULs you?


Please visit us at: www.ful.com